About birdwomen ...


As a young girl I was always reading fairytales and I was fond of legends and myths.

In particular, the half-human half-animal figures appealed to my emagination. Hans Christian Andersens mermaid, Pan, son of Hetrmes with its hooves and horns and Centaur, half-man half-horse were very impressive to me.


In 2010 I drove by a ditch and saw this heron standing on one leg. I didn't recognize a bird in it, what I saw was an arrogant, sensual lady on one high heel. And I decided to catch this image on canvas. 

Birdwomen don't wear their wings on their shoulders, they wear feathers on their fngers to emphasize that these women (as well as the ladies who they depict) aren't always gentle. They stand as in a trance minutes along the waterfront to pounce if a fish or other small animal comes by. Therfor you can interpret the feathers of these women as claws or long nails, sometimes soft pictured by the use of fluffy downy feathers.

The women's bodies are subordinate to the nature of the birds and are only used as an instrument.